Welcome to a day in my life. I can't guarantee that this will be an exciting read for anyone. My life is filled with all the mundane activities of a stay-at-home-mom just trying to raise her three sons to be the best men they can be.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

So much for getting back into a regular blogging routine. Sheesh! There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day anymore.
I know, I know. I'm sounding like a broken record.

Well, I'm here now, right? (Maybe having a phone with a data plan isn't such a bad idea)

A couple of weekends ago our Design Team over at Scrapbook Nerd hosted an online crop. That just means that there are people around the world who are all scrapbooking at the same time and completing challenges. One of the challenges was to do a winter themed project.
I printed off some pictures from the big ice storm that we had right before Christmas.

I was happy to be getting some projects done again.

So, my question to all you scrapbookers out there is do you like participating in online crops?

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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Welcome 2014!

What a crazy ride it has been in the past year. The whole year has been pretty much a blur for me.
This time last year, my business partner and I were just embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. We were busy planning and setting up for our new online store to go live on February 1st. Since then, we have been crazy busy, and loving every minute of it.
I was thinking of doing a year-in-review post, but mostly it would looking something like this:
-opened the online store "Scrapbook Nerd"
-attended many day crops and weekend retreats as the onsite vendors
-filled many orders
-my new BFFS are the ladies at my post office
-was overwhelmed with the amount of support from family and friends. (I should really say here that I think I have the best family and friends in the world!!!!)

One the non-business side of things:
-In March I travelled with my sister and son Cameron on a Caribbean cruise for a week - had a blast
-in August, went on another cruise with John and Cameron and then spent a week in Puerto Rico
-In September  I travelled with 19 of my closest friends to the Outer Banks
-In October John and I travelled to San Francisco and drove down the coast to San Diego

So - by the looks of things, I worked hard, and played hard.
It was a good year!

Now, with the arrival of 2014, I'm finding myself looking ahead. Joy gave me a planner book that has a lot of thought provoking questions in it as to what I want to accomplish this year. It's not something I'm used to doing. However, it's a great exercise and I find myself coming back to the main goals over and over again - which brings me to ONE LITTLE WORD.

The purpose of one little word is to chose one word that gives you focus for the year. A word that encompasses your goals.

My one little word this year is NOURISH.
For me, nourish sums up my most important goals for this year. As a mother of grown (for the most part) boys who is now at the point where I'm jumping into the passenger seat of their lives, it's time for me to focus a little more on myself. I want my focus to be to nourish myself in the following ways:

physically - this one is an obvious one for me. Now that I'm over 50, it's becoming more and more important to take care of myself a little better than I have in the past

mentally - the old brain isn't getting any younger.

emotionally - I 'm a pretty insecure person and I allow myself to get hurt very easily. This one is going to be a tough one for me

Spiritually - I'm embarrassed to admit that many times I have let my relationship with God take a back seat while I go about life. I want to keep
my focus is where it should be.

Relationships - it's more important now, than ever before, that I nourish my relationship with the love of my life - John. He's the one person who has seen me at my worst - and yet has stood by me no matter what.
 I also want to continue nourishing my relationships with my boys as we all settle into a new type of relationship of mother and grown son. It's becoming easier and easier.
Relationships with my friends and family are also important to me and I look forward to re-connecting with old friends and nourishing new friendships.

So, that's it in a nutshell. NOURISH..

What about you? What will your word be this year?

Monday, December 09, 2013

This week on Use Your Stuff ...

The challenge is to do something with the sports theme.
Now that my boys are older, I don't have a lot of sport photos. I do get the odd chance of capturing a baseball game or two in the summer, but they are usually the informal type.

However, I did find these pictures of us watching the Opening Ceremonies of the last Winter Olympics that were held here in Canada. It's only 4 years later, but better late than never, right?

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Christmas Tutorial

Over on the Scrapbook Nerd Forum we are hosting a 12 Days of Christmas where every day a new Christmas project is posted. The last two days were my turn. One of the projects I posted was a homemade ornament made from two sheets of double-sided Christmas paper.  The paper I used was from the Echo Park - 'Tis the Season collection.

Want to make this project? Here's how I did it.

  • one full sheet of 12 x 12 double sided Christmas paper of your choice. (I used Echo Park 'Tis the Season "Snowflakes Falling")
  • three strips of double sided Christmas paper to measure 3/8x12 inches (I used Echo Park 'Tis the Season "Dashing Reindeer")
  • straight pins
  • 3" foam ball
  • Cut the 12 inch paper into 1 1/2" strips. Then cut each strip into 1 1/2 inch square.
  • fold down two corners to form a point on each square. Half should be folded so one side of the patterned paper shows and the other half folded so the other side of the patterned paper shows.

  • Cut a slit from the bottom of the square to the bottom of the point. This will help the squares mold to the shape of the ball better.

  • Place the first square onto the ball, pinning into place.

  • Using a square of the same patterned paper (ie in mine, I used four black tips to start) Place the next square onto the ball, across from the first one, so that the tip touches with the first piece.

  • Then place two more, filling in the gaps, making sure that the tips touch. This completes the first row.

  • Using the second side of the patterned paper squares (ie, I used four of the snowflake tips) place a square between the points of your first row, with the point facing the same direction. Pin into place.

  • Add the remaining 3 squares to complete this row.

  • Continue on in the same manner, alternating rows of patterns, until the ball is filled. One sheet of patterned paper should be enough to cover the ball.
  • When you get to the last two rows, you will want to trim the bottom corners so that they won't show.

  • When you get to the top, you should have a small space still open. This will be covered by your paper bow and ribbon.

  • Take your three strips of 3/8 x 12" coordinating patterned paper and cut each strip in half.
  • each half strip will be looped and then pinched in the middle to make a "bow". Pin onto the top of the ball.

  • Continue with 3 more of the strips, laying them in different directions, and meeting in the middle. Pin to the ball.

  • loop on of the left over strips and  pin to the ball to form your "ribbon" to hang the ornament from.

Come on over to Scrapbook Nerd and see what other Christmas pojects have been posted for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Right Now ...

outside: It is so pretty. We got our first real snow fall over night and all the trees are coated.
thankful: that I had some time to spend with my youngest brother this week.
eating: cheerios
wearing: my pajamas still.
feeling: the need to get some long-overdue organizing and purging done before the Christmas decorations come out.
creating: a lot of lists right now - Christmas lists, shopping lists, to-do lists. I think I need a list of all my lists.
enjoying: a little too much birthday cake this week with my birthday and my brother's.
going: to run a few errands this morning. Hopefully I'll be coming home with a new Christmas tree.
wanting: to finish up my Christmas shopping early this year - but not sure how successful I'll be.
thinking about:  another brother who has some health concerns
needing:  to get out to find a dress for John's office Christmas party
wondering: how long I'm going to have this headache for.
anticipating: getting the house all decked out for Christmas.
sharing: This layout - it's of my youngest making his potato leek soup a couple of years ago.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Use Your Stuff

This week, on the Use Your Stuff Challenge Blog it is an ad challenge. The challenge was simple. Take a look at the advertisment below, and use it to inspire your next project.

Here's the ad:

Here's what I came up with based on the ad. As you can see, I didn't deviate too far from it.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekly Recap

It seems that my life has been in full throttle lately. This week was the first one in a while that I had a chance to stick around the house a little and get some things done around here. It felt pretty good.

-last weekend I had a furneral to attend. It was for the mother of a friend that I grew up with. Mom was 90! It brought back so many memories of our teenage years - so many of those memories involved her. She invested a lot of her time and energy into the youth at our Church.
-last weekend was also John's birthday so we all went out for dinner - 6 of us, including Spencer's girlfriend.
-Spencer and Cameron were in the Toronto Santa Claus parade on Sunday. We watched it on TV and saw Spencer
-it was a busy day for us as we were at two different nursing homes to play
-Tuesday the girls were here for the day to scrapbook. It's always a lot of fun.
-as I said previously, I got some things accomplished around the house this weekend and got caught up on some long-overdue work
-today I'm going to a crop for the day. I'm looking forward to just being able to play for a while.

Looking at the week ahead:
-My brother Rick's birthday is today so I'm hoping to pick him up and bring him home for a "sleep-over on Monday. I'm hoping that we can meet up with my parents somewhere for dinner
-Tomorrow is the big Christmas Concert for the band
-I need to purge and organize a couple of rooms in the basement
-get some Christmas shopping done
-write a newsletter
-hopefully it will be a little quieter like this week - fingers crossed!

Friday, November 22, 2013

5 in a Row!

This post makes 5 for me this week. That's the most I've blogged in a long time.
Since I haven't been blogging much in the last year, I have a lot of layouts sitting on my computer that are still waiting to be shared. That should keep me going for a while, anyway.

This layout was done in the summer for a challenge at Scrapbook Nerd.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

It's been a long time since I've participated in the Thursday Thirteen. I always looked forward to these posts and reading other people who also participated. So, in my effort of getting back into a regular blogging routine, I'm joining back in this week.

Thirteen animal pictures that make me laugh:



Want to see more Thursday 13? Check it out here: Thursday Thirteen


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Share Today

Three days in a row! That hasn't happened in a long time.

I'm back today with another share. Last week on the Use Your Stuff Blog we were challenged to create a project using limited supplies. What that meant was that we were allowed basic supplies such as cardstock, and either one sheet of patterned paper or three stamps.

So, I took that very literally. I ended up creating this page using just one sheet of patterned paper and some cardstock. I chose a piece of patterned paper from the Simple Stories 24/7 line. The paper was different patterned hexagons. I cut out a lot of the hexagons and used them as they were, and then cut some up to use as the banner. It's amazing how far one sheet of patterned paper will go!

The photo is of my younger brother, Rick. He has Down's Syndrome and he's blind. He and I are very close and spent a lot of time together while we were growing up. He's my little buddy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Right now ...

outside: It is dark and dreary. There are lots of dark clouds in the sky - it looks very angry. It looks like we're in for a cool down - and we just may get so see some of the white stuff.
thankful: for the best girl friends in the world!
eating: things that are not very good for me. What happened to my will power?
wearing: yoga pants, my favourite sweatshirt, and barefeet
feeling: A little sore. Last night I was cleaning some things in the garage when I dropped a heavy table-top water feature right onto my foot. It put an end to my cleaning as I thought I broke my foot. Today, I'm able to bare weight again, but it's very bruised and swollen. If nothing else, it's a good excuse to keep my feet up all day.
creating: a couple of projects for the 12 Days of Christmas on Scrapbook Nerd
enjoying: Dragon's Den - I love this show!
going: hopefully not too far from home this week. I have a lot to do.
wanting: to get the outdoor Christmas lights up. I think I missed the boat on the milder weather this past weekend.
thinking about:  the busy weekend ahead
needing:  a pj day
wondering: when I could have a pj day
anticipating: a busy December - I don't think I'd have it any other way.
sharing: this picture because it just makes me smile. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

This week on Use Your Stuff ...

Tammy's challenge is all about the white fluffy stuff - SNOW!

I love snow and I love working with all the great snowy products out there.

I worked with pictures from a couple of years ago. Each winter, a few of my scrappy girls like to go away to a cottage for a few days. It's usually snowy outside, and warm and cozy inside. We happily scrap away. During this particular year, the weather had warmed up just enough to make the snow perfect for making snowmen and having a snowball fight. We couldn't resist. In the end, we had made a snow lady and named her Sharon (after one of the girls who was with us - probably due to the similar size of the two.)

Head over to the Use Your Stuff challenge blog to see what the other Creative Team Members did with this week's challenge. Why not pull out all your wintery scrappy supplies and create a snowy project to share with us. We'd love to see it.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

This week on Use Your Stuff ...

The challenge is all about stencils.

I love using my stencils right now with my Martha Steward texture paste. It's so much fun to use.

On this layout I used the reverse chicken wire stencil. I love the effect.
I also used  Crate Paper - The Pier collection. I love this collection!
All the products I used can be found at the Scapbook Nerd Online Store.

What about you? Have you done anything with stencils lately? We'd love to see it on the Use Your Stuff blog

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just a Quick Post

Hey everyone.
I'm just stopping by quickly to share another layout from the online crop from a week ago.
This layout was for a mono chromatic challenge. I don't do too many of these kind of layouts so this was a bit of a challenge for me. However, I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I don't remember who the original artist was but I love the way this turned out.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Blessings in Disguise

If you read my last post, you would have read that I was a bit nervous about flying by myself, back home. I'm a nervous flyer at the best of times, and so I wasn't too keen on making the trip by myself.

The first part of the trip (actually, it was the airport in San Diego) was a bit of an ordeal this morning. The airport doesn't open until 5 a.m. I got there at about 5:05. The line-ups were horrendous just to check the bags and get through security. As a result, by the time I made it through and got to the gate, everyone had already boarded the plane. I was one of the last ones on - and that was for a flight that left at 6:35! I was pretty frazzled. It was a good thing that I had dragged John to the convenience store the night before to get some food for the plane or I wouldn't have had any real food until 4 pm this afternoon.

However, on the second leg of the trip, I was seated beside a lovely lady who was 82. We chatted the whole trip. I had the pleasure of hearing all about her life - her 7 children and husband, her life as a housewife to a farmer. I enjoyed listening to her tell about adventures she's had through her life. It amazed me that her she was, 82, and travelling alone all over the place to see family and friends. She enjoys every part of her journeys. Her husband has passed away in the last couple of years, and she hasn't let that stop her. She was a real inspiration. She'll never know how much of an impact she made on me. I know that our paths will never cross again, but it's an encounter that will remain with me for a very long time.